Aoife Gilchrist

P1: THRESHOLD CYCLE HUB In collaboration with Alice Latham “Cycling offers exercise for both body and mind, and the opportunity to reconnect with the sensory reality of the physical environment. We are no longer passive passengers, merely observing. We are completely in contact with it all, never removed from immediate consciousness.” (from the brief) A small […]

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Ranti Ehinmola

P 1 B I C Y C L E  H U B Kelham Island, Sheffield  | Joint Project with Aaliyah Lawal Our brief for P1 was to create a small temporary building that acts as both a pit stop and communal hub as part of a way to promote cycling in Sheffield. The site was […]

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Raluca Turcu

Throughout my second year at the University of Sheffield I questioned the extent to which an architect should design a space by exploring how much a client should be involved in the process and how flexible the resulting space should be to accommodate for future unpredicted uses. By tackling larger scale projects on challenging sites I was […]

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Ayushya Uppal

… In my first two years at Sheffield School of Architecture I have been encouraged to try different methods to approach my design and then test them using a variety of skills,  from drawing to computer aided design to model making.   Contact: …                                                                                                      P1   “CYCLE HUB”  Joint project with Ivan Velev The […]

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Gulim Satekova

Portfolio Year 2 ••• About My Second Year at the University of Sheffield has been full of new experiences and challenges that have helped me to advance my skills from the first year.  These challenges improved critical thinking and pushed the projects further. The process can be explored through three main design projects that are […]

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Natalie Liow

Project 1 – Cycle Hub Joint project with Nanxi Wang The site was located in Owlerton, Sheffield on top of a slope and on a public walker/cyclist track along the River Don. The brief was to design a sheltered bicycle hub for cyclists to use which included a bicycle repair counter, storage for up to 40 bikes, public toilets […]

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Alice Latham

  P1 Threshold The brief for this project was to create a pit-stop bicycle hub in the rural area of Kelham Island, Sheffield. The site was situated along the River Don, which we felt was the threshold for the area as it divided the industrialised area on the outskirts of the city with the natural […]

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Marcus Goff

P3 Housing: The brief asked for a minimum density of 50 d/ha, and set a house size of 100sqm +/- 10% as a basis for discussion. The site is in Burngreave, a largely residential district north of the city centre. Burngreave has multicultural and diverse community, with many local businesses and sub-communities. My site is […]

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Caroline Fielding

  From cycling to comics to community housing; the second year studio work of Caroline Fielding. Contact:                           P1- Cycle Hub My first project was a pavilion to facilitate the storage and maintenance of bicycles. The allocated site was Sheffield, South Street […]

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