Nicole Williams

P1. Observatory My allocated subject for the first project was Astronomy, with the objective being to design an observation facility located on Higger Tor. Jagged rocks conflict with the soft heather to the north of the site, creating a juxtaposition I wanted to integrate into my design. I also wanted to contribute to the rock […]

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Holly Harcus

Cycling   Situated just East of Sheffield City Centre and the Shefield railway station South Street Park is ideal located for a cycle Centre to serve commuters in Sheffield. The site itself is steep and wooded and so a design was needed that although standing out is sympathetic with the surroundings. The design also needed […]

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Elizabeth Nguyen

APIARY ‘In the ancient country of Orn, there lived an old man who was called the Bee-man, because his whole time was spent in the company of bees. He lived in a small hut, which was nothing more than an immense bee hive, for these little creatures had built their honey-combs in every corner of […]

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Maple Feng

P1 THRESHOLD      FALCON VISITOR CERNTRE The falcon visitor center located in woodland near Ringling Road. The visitor center provide space for cafe, leisure and falconry education which also provide space for 7 -12 falcons to live here. The shape respond  carefully to the landscape and embeds itself into the site through a sensitive […]

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