Alice Brammer

P1 Natural Beehive Inspired Apiary — Sheffield General Cemetery In the overgrown, forgotten, setting of Sheffield General Cemetery I was set the task of creating a sustainable public building to educate the public on bee keeping and to provide the bee keepers with a space to make honey, and a base from which to organise their […]

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Katrina Hemingway

    Katrina Hemingway 2nd Year Portfolio Sheffield School of Architecture  P1 Apiary The brief is to design a building to accommodate a quantity of elements from the subject of an apiary, as informed by research undertaken and site context.   Sheffield City Apiarium A sanctuary in the city for avid Beekeepers and those who wish […]

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Dulcie Foster Finn

P1- THE APIARY The brief was to design a ‘non-permanent’ apiary located within Sheffield General Cemetery. The apiary must include: an appropriately secluded setting for up to 4 hives;  a public shelter/route from which to observe the hives; a small multipurpose clubroom to accommodate up to 20 people; a honey extraction lab; a tea point […]

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Robert Taylor

  P1 | Apiary “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Albert Einstein The focus for this project was bees. The main aims were to provide a home for […]

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Michaela Gomes

P 1  A P I A R Y Designing an apiary focused on the display of the bees and the bee keeping process by treating the building like a bee museum. The other spaces in the design are added and function as ‘supporting acts’, complimenting the process through the production and selling of honey, visits […]

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Byron Chan

An ‘Epic Theatre’ Designing for a small community outside the Sheffield city centre, my theatre addresses the theme of ‘epic theatre’.   Threshold Project: Apiary Near the edge of the Sheffield General Cemetery lies a small apiary situated next to a small river which attracts visitors to observe bees.

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Timothy Rodber

P1 An Apiary in a Nave     Originally tasked with designing an apiary in Sheffield General Cemetery, it became apparent that more could be done to combat the decline of the honey bee population. My research into the subject suggested that the traditional method of bee-keeping actually served to harm the bees. Honey bees […]

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