Madeleine Hill

Project 1 – ‘Caver’s Shelter’ My partner and I chose a site near Peak Cavern to design a caver’s shelter. This is a place for cavers to rest after a long day exploring the caves. The heart of the shelter is the campfire area where the cavers can gather round and share their experiences. Project […]

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Zoe Lloyd

Programme 1: Print Studio The brief asked us to design a temporary space for a Printmaker Studio to be located in Padley Gorge, Grindleford. To understand the process of a printmaker we visited a Sheffield based artist where we understood the procedure of the printing method and the space needed to carry it out. Responding […]

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Tobias Mackrill

PERFORM – ACOUSTIC MUSIC VENUE  The “Perform” brief involved designing a small community theatre to be situated within a suburb of Sheffield. The theatre had to be designed specifically for a certain type of performance – in my case acoustic music. Drawing on my own personal experience of performing, I defined this genre of music […]

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Sho Murayama

PERFORM  /  poetry café Located in Attercliffe Sheffield, the poetry café is a proposal that aims to act as both a poets guild and café, whilst strengthening the struggling local community. A library/coffeeshop during the day, the space turns into a performance space primarily for poetry readings at night. Designed with the focus on creating a range […]

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