Peter Markos

P1 Sheffield General Cemetry-Apiary Centre

In recent years the number of bees have dropped substantially due to human intervention such as pesticides. Contrary to this is the affection Apiary workers demonstrate.The scheme explores the prospects of an Apiary centre nestled in Sheffield General Cemetery building on the idea of enclosure the centre takes a form of enclosure to the Apiary’s from vandalism and human interventions. Architecturally the scheme is designed to take a contextual form in order to respect the established, historic architecture of the Cemetery.


P2-Maker’s Theatre

In recent years Sharrow Vale has thrived as a place for high quality, bespoke retailers. Sharrow Vale has since become an ideal place for thoughts in retirement and families. Whilst students are left with little purpose and belonging many have opted to live elswhere due to a sense of polarisation. The scheme looks to construct a Theatre that gives Students a sense of belonging in central Sharrow. This is explored throught predominantly making and acting. Students are encouraged to construct small pavilions across Sharrow that teach students how to act. Within the Theatre students construct the back-drops for the internal acts whilst pre-fromed panels are painted before an act reflecting the up-coming theme.



P3 Up-Housing 

Over the past 5 years Sheffield city council has had to make cuts worth £245 million. It is more important than ever for the people of Heeley to look to opportunities and to have the tools to improve there current state and to avoid waste that can be up-cycled. The housing scheme explores the prospect of a small community that is not only self-sufficient but begins to provide to Heeley and wider Sheffield. Working with Assist Sheffield the scheme provides social housing and housing for asylums. Over time the multi-cultural mix of residents provides Heeley with a unique range of artisan shops and a bakery which produces foreign breads.




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