Migena Salihu

p1-titleThe brief for P1 was to design an observation facility at Higger Tor, Sheffield to accommodate a quantity of elements as informed by the research undertaken through the initial design stages of P1. Accommodation for a maximum of two people with sufficient space for sleeping, showering, changing and storage. Other accommodation to consider should be a lecture / presentation space for max of 30 people, administration office, a minimum of 2 accessible public toilets, main telescope observatory accommodation or recording, observation facility, general storage, locker storage facilities internal or external. In addition, the access to the site should be considered in terms of a designed route within the landscape to the building.

Telescope-edit             Map-from-HT-to-Arts-tower                 Site-strategy-laptopp-final-4-small

               Drawing  of a telescope                                                                                      Site map                                                                       Site strategy



IMG_2063  IMG_2047   IMG_2020

 Site photos



Calendar of events

Figure-ground-P1-3      Final-section-2

 Figure ground                                                                                                                        Section 

P1-new-plan-Ground-floor-darker  P1-new-plan-LGround-finalllllllllll

Ground floor plan                                                                                              Lower ground floor plan

SalihuMBlue-spotlights-6 Blue-spotlights-2

Killer drawing                                                                                               Route lighting


Internal perspectives

Untitled-1  ‘The theatre was once the heart of every community. A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… The catharsis of the theatrical experience has been part of our society for centuries. It has the power to bring communities together, and contribute to a ‘sense’ of community.’  For p2 we were asked to design a small community theatre building and propose a ‘type’ of theatre we are interested in, in one of 6 sites in Sheffield, I was allocated a site in Darnall. The building should include at least one ‘urban’ façade to an existing street condition. In a modern theatre, the café is a place to meet friends for food or drink before a performance, and to meet the cast or director and crew afterwards. The bar may form a ‘threshold’ between the town and the secluded, ethereal world of the theatre.  Due to the different ethnicities within Darnall and lack of social interaction between these different ethnicities, the type of theatre I wanted to create within Darnall is something which would bring the different ethnicities together. I believe a dance theatre would be suitable within Darnall, as there is nothing like this there currently and it could be aimed towards all age groups. I think that many different styles of dance could be performed at this theatre and help to inform others of their traditional dances, which people could learn about culture from.

IMG_3702   Collage  P2-street-building-concept-5

Site photo                                                                                                                            Collages

DSC04525_edited  DSC04521_edited  2

Facade experimental photos

Final-figure-ground-new-p2  Section-b-b-final  

Figure ground                                                                                                  Section

Section-a-a-final-2  Ground-floor-plan-P2-new

Section                                                                                                                         Ground floor plan

1st-floor-plan-P2-new  ELEVATION-facade

First floor plan                                                                                                              Street perspective

A1-cafe-internal-perspective-flat  a2-perspective-13-flat

Cafe perspective                                                                                                   Waiting area perspective

Interior-4  Interior-1 Interior-2

Internal CAD renders of cafe, waiting area, performance space

p3-taggWe were asked to design a housing project to accommodate a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups. The majority of dwellings will need to be directly accessible at ground level. We were also encouraged to provide an adaptable space for work, study or recreation for each dwelling. An approach towards shared space offered by the collective nature of the project will be valued. We were required to demonstrate an attitude towards parking and must consider the contribution of your proposal to the street.

This project will attempt to solve issues which were identified through the master planning project for Heeley. Lack of innovative design, abandoned spaces which all contribute to the lack of sense of community within Heeley although the housing is tightly compacted. From the site visit at Heeley I identified that there are currently a few parks which are dedicated to playgrounds and the local primary school. I thought it would be appropriate to design homes targeted at families with young children as there seems to be a potential market for this demographic. The housing could include a central allotment, shared garden, small car park and bike sheds which are could achieve a sense of ownership through this new housing which may contribute to a stronger community for the future residents. I am also interested in highly adaptable spaces, allowing constant reconfiguration of family arrangements over time by providing larger rooms which can change overtime in accordance to family sizes.


Part-A-Migena-flat                masterplan

Precedent study- group work                                          Master plan- group work

map  Sketch-2b  Sketch-1b

Map of site in Heeley                           Site sketches

11004140_10152765154039423_221727326_n           10921701_10152765154029423_25822500_n

 Site photos

FINAL-FINAL-FG-with-section-lines            Construction-detail-section

Figure ground                                                                                                                   Construction details

 Section-A-A-8         Section-B-B-6

 Section A-A                                                                                                   Section B-B

Sectional-perspective-arc-202-12           PLANS-FINAL-A1-sheet

Sectional perspective                                                                                    Plans

living-2 living-1 roof-garden bed-2 bed-1 office

 CAD internal renders- living room, terrace, bedroom and office

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