Melissa Kirkpatrick

Programme 1 | The Viticulturalist


‘an original vision where architecture and landscape meet, where building is not an arrogant monument but a creative contribution to nature.’ Bruno Zevi

Located in Wincobank Wood, jutting out from a bank of silver birch sits the winery, constructed of local timber and stone. Beneath are one acre of grape vines, tumbling down the looked over field. The scheme is designed to facilitate the small scale traditional production of sparkling wine, including retail space. The building is a public space, with some private staff areas.

The main concept behind the design was to form a connection between building and landscape. During the design stages, I investigated methods of bringing the landscape indoors and vice versa, and concluded with a design which emerges from its landscape, in order to bring the fantastic views in to the building.




Programme 2 | Jazz centre


In order to bring a new layer of  entertainment and socialisation into Attercliffe, a site which currently lacks liveliness. I designed a Jazz centre to benefit the existing community and attract a new crowd to the area.

The ‘Music box’ Jazz centre provides facilities for a wide demographic range. It includes a  lesson room for children to be taught music, in order to complement the future local school and cultural centres, a jazz club to provide evening entertainment for teens and adults, and a jazz museum displaying famous jazz artefacts for any demographic. There is also a cafe and outdoor seating area.

The concept behind the design is that after ascending up the stairs to the jazz club, one loses the sense of reality, and is taken away by music, fluid forms, lights, mirrors and colours into a different world.



Programme 3 | Housing


‘the place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present’  Aldo van Eycks

Shared spaces and landscaping were my main responses for this project. The site is Heeley in suburban Sheffield, where a strong sense of community already exists, however it currently lacks adequate public space. This project focused on creating a pace which could enhance potential walking trails in Heeley and provide a social space for public enjoyment, whilst retaining some privacy and sense of threshold for the residents. The landscaping response focuses on creating a link between the two neighbouring landmark buildings; Heeley Parish Church and SUM Studios.

The scheme offers two and three bedroom housing for families, where each house maintains a strong relationship to its neighbours. The houses achieve a distinctive connection to their surroundings and landscaping.




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