We consume food everyday, it actually involves several stages. Production, sourcing, trans- portation, storing, preparation, consumption and disposal, this contributes 19% of all green- house gases emissions in the UK. Currently, 51% of the food consumed are imported, this has created a huge environmental impact already just from the transport sector, and one of the solutions to addressed this is by having allotments, providing fresh produce locally.

Currently there are three main allotments in Heeley. Even though they are big in size, they seem isolated from the public. As seen from the map, the number and size of allotments in Heeley is realtively low, with so much green spaces availible, it is possible to transform them into food growing purposes, using the advantage of scattered low level housing in Heeley.

This has inspired me to develop self sustaining houses. I aim to design a food growing system that is integrated into the housing, rather than houses attached to a patch of allotment. Allocating enough land area for food growing, giving the resisdents opportunity to provide food for themselves, as well as share their knowledge in farming and have communal meals. Also, I hope to create a statement, using bold structures that is eye catching, this will allow bypassers to see a glimpse of the system.

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