Felicity Earp

Into the Wild: Foraging Centre

The brief was to design a foraging centre in Gleadless Valley; the centre was to provide teaching and cooking facilities for up to 10 people, teaching them how to forage, taking them out to forage, and giving them a chance to process the foraged food and either take it home with them or store it in the centre. My aim with the centre was to bring people out and away from the built-up suburban area just next to the site; the centre is positioned at the far end of the meadow, reducing sound pollution and the two parts of the building enclose an outdoor cooking and eating space creating a visual barrier from the suburban area and directing the view over a densely wooded area instead.



The brief was to create a theatre for Sharrow, a small area of Sheffield with a mix of students and young families. The theatre I designed switched functions from night to day, catering for the young children of the local primary school by day, with puppet shows and interactive theatre events, and by night the theatre became a live music venue for local artists to perform. The main auditorium is a large open space with no seating but, instead, the option to lounge on or play with beanbags.



The brief was to design a housing development for Heeley, Just outside Sheffield City Centre. The manifesto for my project was the ritual of eating and bringing back the joy of eating together, around a table. The development was a co-housing development with a common-house which contained a kitchen that could be used by the residence for cooking and eating and by the local community for a breakfast club and cookery lessons and clubs. There are also four live/work units for the residence to sell food produce that is grown, baked or cooked by the co-housing community.

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