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Dipali Vassantrai

P1 THRESHOLD (WALKER’S REFUGE) This project required to design a small scale building in a rural landscape for hikers who wish to admire the green landscape of Castleton in Peak District of Sheffield, also provide spaces that will accommodate restoration after a long walk, allow to reflect from a previous day’s efforts and prepare for the […]

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Lewan Yazici

P1 – Threshold A Place for cavers at Peak Cavern to recuperate At the mouth of Peak Cavern in Castleton I wanted to find what the site offered in terms of a threshold, be it physically felt or just visual. This could be for instance, the point at which light can not pass. Me and […]

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Paige Howard

P1 Cavers shelter We were tasked with the design of a small building in a landscape to accommodate the given brief, creating a retreat for cavers before and after their explorations within the caves, the site being at The Peak Cavern in Castleton. This project was done in pairs, I worked with Ariane Easton. Due […]

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Naomi Sanderson

Year 2 Portfolio   P1 Observatory   In collaboration with Miryan Andonov “Extroverted space expands horizontally outwards from the centre towards the landscape,while introverted space protects, looking inwards towards the light in the centre” – Mahesh Naik Our task was to design an observatory building on Higger Tor, which is a popular walking location in […]

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Ralitsa Chobanova

  P1     P2         P3      

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Frank Kalume

Year 2 Portfolio     My second year at Sheffield University School of Architecture has been a year of broadening my knowledge from the first year while trying different ways and skills of pushing my design ideas. The three projects had different site challenges that taught me how to make design decisions and allowed me to take […]

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Jacqueline Tsang

Jacqueline Tsang Contacts : . . . 1. Orbit  |   Observatory Higger Tor, Sheffield Joint project in collaboration with Julian Wong The ‘Orbit’ is an observatory for educational purpose, located on Higger Tor which includes an activity room, exhibition space, overnight accommodation and an aluminium plated telescope dome for star gazing. When we first […]

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Rubi Hussey

P1 THRESHOLD – WALKER’S REFUGE In collaboration with Rebecca Acheampong The brief for this project was to design a temporary shelter for walkers in Castleton. Our concept consists of providing the walkers a place of calmness and healing after a long treacherous journey.     P2 THEATRE     P3 HOUSING The brief for this […]

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Chinching Siu, Ginny

   A Cavers Lookout Peak Cavern Joint Project with Stephanie Ma  “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir The Brief – A Threshold The brief was to design a small building in the landscape that accommodated cavers during their excursions into the Cave – Peak Cavern. Peak Cavern is located in […]

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Y E A R    T W O   P O R T F O L I O Perdita Sophie Anna Mary Ratsma The University of Sheffield   Project One – The Cycle Hub The Bicycle Project focused on creating a space for bicycle fanatics and enthusiasts. We explored the parts of the bicycle and found how […]

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