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Amy Crellin

P3 Housing Site: Heeley The project began with a housing precedent study. Guest Street Housing by De Metz Forbes Knight Architects in Manchester is a contemporary take on 19th century terraced homes. The homes are T shaped in plan with courtyard gardens and finished with differing colours of brickwork. Studying this scheme taught me some valuable lessons such as how […]

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Zoë Georgiadis

Programme 1: Observation Brief: A Place to Observe the Cosmos Higger Tor, located in the Peak District just outside of Sheffield, is remote and distant from urban light pollution. This provides the ideal destination for using telescopes to observe and study the stars, moon and planets. The key facility is an observatory in which a […]

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Ryan Sinnott

P1 – Observatory For our P1 project we were tasked with designing a space for observation on Higger Tor, an area in the Peak district. I designed an observatory that focused on engaging the public and promoting discovery, instead of a single high power telescope like the one we studied in the Hicks building, I […]

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Edmund Thomas Green

Across my second year studying Architecture at the University of Sheffield, I have been able to build upon skills I brought to the course from 1st year, and School before that. Making models has become a particular favourite of mine, and I have found that models help me design as well as represent ideas. Much of my […]

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Samuel Collins

P1 A Place to Forage My brief for this project was to design a Foraging Center in Gleadless Valley. Throughout this project I have explored tactility in architecture and the notion of urban escape. The outcome is a temporary wooden structure that internally addresses the preserving process of food collection, whilst also playing on the […]

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Meredith Farmer

  P1: Observatory For this project we were tasked with designing an observatory on Higger Tor, out in the Peak District. The site provided many challenges and opportunities. Out of respect for site I based my design on the idea of minimal impact. The observatory would be a campus of 3 small modules, one for […]

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Robert Taylor

  P1 | Apiary “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Albert Einstein The focus for this project was bees. The main aims were to provide a home for […]

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Mari Shirley

P1 ARBORIST TRAINING CENTRE | P2 THE BROOK THEATRE | P3 HOUSING: A RECUPERATIVE PLACE OF WELLBEING P1 – The Arborist Training Centre  Trees and forests are significant to the identity of the City of Sheffield and it is the role of an arborist to maintain, protect and manage the health of our trees and […]

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    Project 3: Housing The design of housing, unlike the single house, offers an opportunity to exploit the potential of multiple units; the street. Central to the design and habitation of housing is the realm of ‘the shared’, expressed both physically in party walls, communal space, sustainable strategies, and metaphorically in the expression of common […]

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Yue Sun

P1 The Green Roof, foraging centre My activity for this project is foraging. It’s an outdoor activity which allow people to pick fruits and vegetable in the wild and cook wild product into food by themselves so they can enjoy from the practise and learning. My House is going to be place in the centre […]

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