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Theodoros Chailis

    “Others have seen what is and asked why.                             I have seen what could be and asked why not.”  ― Pablo Picasso                                         […]

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Wei Chen (Veronica)

P1  ‘Threshold’ – kayaks centre next to River Don, Sheffield To punctuating a local walking and cycling route in Sheffield along River Don, a further walk from Sheffield city centre is being developed that privades more opportunities for kayaks activities. The project is  a design for kayaks centre with consideration of threshold. Initial idea of […]

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Karen Chow

  THRESHOLD //Cycle Centre The cycle centre is located in Castleton. The site is hilly and has a clear boundary between rock and grass surface. The cycle centre is to exaggerate the boundary through visual experience. Slits are made to allow views out to see the change in texture. The bikes are fixed on a […]

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Maple Feng

P1 THRESHOLD      FALCON VISITOR CERNTRE The falcon visitor center located in woodland near Ringling Road. The visitor center provide space for cafe, leisure and falconry education which also provide space for 7 -12 falcons to live here. The shape respond  carefully to the landscape and embeds itself into the site through a sensitive […]

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Patrick McElroy

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Tom Cronly

Castleton Cycling Centre The aim of this project was to design a bike rental facility for cycling enthusiasts. The site was located the bottom of a deep valley that runs alongside the historic Peveril Castle. The work had to address the stunning landscape and historical context but also had to  embody the buildings use. Timber […]

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Callum Brown

 P1: Threshold   |   Falcon hacking centre The brief for this project was concerned with the notion of threshold, and how architecture can respond to this. I was tasked with designing a Falconry centre situated on the Limb Brook, at the edge of the peak district. This stream historically represented the boundary between the Anglo-saxon […]

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Tobias Mackrill

PERFORM – ACOUSTIC MUSIC VENUE  The “Perform” brief involved designing a small community theatre to be situated within a suburb of Sheffield. The theatre had to be designed specifically for a certain type of performance – in my case acoustic music. Drawing on my own personal experience of performing, I defined this genre of music […]

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Dora Paschali

Project P1: Threshold The brief for P1 required to create a building that would accommodate 10 cavers for when they finish their caving activities and it had to be situated near Giant’s Hole, a near Castleton. I identified the main threshold to be hell and heaven as in the old times the cave was believed […]

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Jessica Reaney

Sketch Journal- Abingdon and Oxford Drawings and paintings documenting significant structures in Abingdon and Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. This work was completed during the summer of 2013 as part of sketch journal work and local architectural research, with the aim of expanding further over time. The collection of drawings aims to collect examples of various architectural […]

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