The site I was given in Heeley is right across Sum Studios, Heeley’s community hub, on the closed junction between Well Road and Gleadless Road. From this point, there is a view downhill towards Sheffield city centre, looking through the Heeley Milenium Park. This is also a point of entry to Heeley from the city, therefore I decided to give more attention to this corner.

The condition of the three roads surrounding the site is very different, especially in terms of building height. From several massing study, I decided to use a courtyard site plan approach towards the design process as it can responds towards each external context appropriately while also having a main focal. Moreover, this approach echoes the courtyard of the Sum Studios.

In response to each different side, the houses on Gleadless Road will be taller than the houses on Wilson Place, as there are lower terraced houses on the east side of the site.

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