Adela Kwan Ching Mo


The three design projects that we explored throughout the duration of second year have allowed me to consider the various needs of different clients and the ways in which our designs can enhance the community and the clients’ emotional wellbeing. It has enabled me to develop my skills over the year, through the experimentation of different representational styles and techniques.




Caver’s shelter
Peak Cavern, Castleton
[Joint project with Wong Chiu Ho Anthony]

The exploration of the underground through a network of passageways holds a sense of adventure for cavers – it lures a desire to seek hidden mysteries within the depths of a cave. This project explores the basic routine of a group of cavers, which we try to accommodate through the design of a small caver’s shelter – a place for expedition preparation, cleaning, socialising, and rest.



Music library
Ancoats, Manchester

The library is a place of knowledge, wonder, and imagination. Being near two hallés on site, my project is a music library for musicians and music enthusiasts; its design is based on the idea of a maze – it entails a journey through a series of books to reach different rooms, and a sense of curiosity of what’s beyond at each turn.


Intergenerational housing
Burngreave, Sheffield

A home is a place where one can feel safe, comfortable, and a sense of attachment and belonging. My housing scheme is based on intergenerational living, where the old and the young are brought together as a community to interact and share experiences while being cared for, in order to promote socio-spatial inclusion of all age groups.




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