Housing Manifesto

Manifesto 'Syrian Refugees in Heeley'


As the war in Syria rages on, it poses as one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in modern history. British government however, continue to face ongoing criticism concerning ther obligatory role in resettling Syrian nationals fleeing the conflict.

Britain’s pathetic effort to relocate 90 Syrian refugees is dwarfed by other European countries such as Germany and Sweden who have already resettled 20,000 and 9000 refugees retrospectivley. British government must resettle 10,000 Syrian nationals by the end of 2015 in order to meet its obligatory role in managing the refugee crises.

I am proposing a council led, social housing scheme that reintegrates 72 Syrian Refugees national refugees & asylum seekers into Heeley, Sheffield.

But how would Heeley possibly benefit from this?

By providing resettlement to those seeking refuge, new tenants will be presented with the opportunity to catalyse a new culture of entrepreneurship within Heeley. Tenants will be able to live and work in the same place, taking part in on site carpentry work that would benefit the area on a community driven level.

I believe that these prospective tenants will kick start a culture of ‘Manufacturing’ and trade amongst the existing demographics around Heeley, invigorating the pop-up shop specifications outlined in my Master plan, originally dedicated to get locals into trade and thus making Heeley predominantly more independent.

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