Figure Ground

Figure Ground

-Figure Ground Plan// (1:100 @ A0)

Towards the south of the site (left side of plan) lies 4-5 bed family homes with street access to the family kitchen and down into the kid’s bedrooms. Main access to the estate exist at the south of the site, between the four terraced family houses and the corner shop/administration office. Secondary access/escape from the estate lies to the north of the site, next to the Brothers Arms beer garden, using a hidden landscaped stair.

By including a mosque style prayer room for resident refugees to attend morning mass, I am accommodating for their cultural traditions by respecting their desire to practice faith on site. The prayer room is orientated facing East, towards Mecca.

The CNC workshop at the north of the site is where refugees will train to manufacture and distribute fabricated goods to areas within Heeley and wider Sheffield. These products could be in the form of furniture, stage sets for the Heeley festival and other pre-fab installations. The workshop has a loading depot, allowing a medium sized lorry to reverse into it and deliver beer barrels to the Brothers Arms as well as take commissions out of Heeley.

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